Amber and Ava – Riding Girl and Bikini Girl Ride Male Pony …

Amber and Ava – Riding Girl and Bikini Girl Ride Male Pony Slave Lexi clip 4k60

*Features a short bonus clip at the end.*
This clip is a pony play fans dream! The clip starts out with Princess Ava enjoying a lazy hot girl summer day in a stunning bikini. Idiot slave Andy is tasked with rubbing oil on her body. She pays no mind to him since he is safely locked away in chastity. Amber comes riding up on a slave and she is pissed. She went for a ride and noticed the front landscaping needs freshening up. It is time for a complete total tear down. Amber instructs Andy to go into the basement to round up all the slaves for a working party. She wants the front landscape dug up and gutted today and ready for replanting this evening! Andy explains that the only slaves that are sleeping are toilet slaves digesting and waiting for their next shift and slaves in between 2nd and 3rd jobs. Amber is furious! She wants it done now! The toilet slaves can digest their work while working on the landscaping. She beats Andy before he runs off to fetch the slaves. Ava then watches Amber take her slaves through its paces. It was a very hot day and it was ridden hard. Amber got thirsty and took the slave over to Ava so she could quench her thirst. Her and Ava spit on the cement for the pony to lick up for his hydration. Then it is Ava’s turn. First Amber holds the reigns and drags the pony around giving Ava a safe comfortable ride. Ava then decides to ride it herself. Ava does not mess around! Amber looks on as Ava rides him and then decide to take him to a hill for more hill training. The pony must carry the girl for how long SHE wants. This clip is absolutely beautiful and is a must buy.
Bonus clip includes Lexi Chase riding her slave throughout the woods. Scenic and beautiful!


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