American Mean Girls – Cum Our Way or Not at All

Princess Amber is going out on a date tonight, which means her slave will have to listen to her and her alpha fck all night long! LOL The only thing that could make this night worse for this locked up loser would be a missed opportunity for release! The beta has been a good boy and has been keeping up with its many chores.. Plus Princess Amber did say she was gonna “probably let it out soon or whatever”. 
The beta helps Princess Amber get ready for her hot date by dressing her in a sexy outfit, and even gets a sneak peak of what her alpha will get to rip off of her perfect body! Princess Amber makes sure to ask her beta if its credit card has been paid off so she can use it to pay for her date tonight. Before heading out for the night, Amber lets this loser out of its chastity so it can stroke to the fact that it will be PAYING for this date! Hahahaha however Princess Amber is not one to be “nice” to the slaves and tells it that if it wants a release then it has to do it on AMBER’S TERMS!
The beta is put into large cage to stroke (since betas cannot be outta chastity and roam freely, ew!) Princess Amber teases this loser with her perfect feet while she waits for her date to arrive. As this loser gets closer to cumming, Princess Amber explains that the ONLY way it will get to cum is if it finishes ON ITS FACE!!!!! Amber makes the beta get into “loser position” and jerk off towards its face lmao. As this loser begins to realize how humiliating this will be, it starts having second thoughts. Find out what happens next!
– Miss Lexi Chase


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