Paige is talking to the viewer as this scene opens explaining that she is more the man in the family than her cuck hubby who she has never had regular sex with. As the camera pulls back we see she is wearing a big strap-on. She strokes it and says “Hubby never gets this hard.” She then has him crawl into the room to demonstrate the sucking technique he uses when fluffing her numerous well hung lovers. She tells him to get it ready for her to his ass. She says that some of her boyfriends have been good enough to fuck her husband up the ass lately. “You know, mercy fucks” she adds with a a chuckle. How humiliating for hubby. Paige says she wants to start to feminize hubby with hormones, let his hair grown out, implants and such, so he’s more desirable for any man that wants to use him. After some passionate sucking she has her slave kneel up on the chair to expose his slut hole. She adds a drop of lube then presses the head of her cock against his ‘pussy’. She starts lowly then builds momentum as hubby starts moaning and asking for more. Finally after a load of verbal, with a focus on talking about him servicing other men, and how they’ll use him, and a serious pounding Paige tells her slut to rub his clit. Paige tells her hubby to imagine it’s a man fucking him and he has to repeat after her “Thank you for fucking me Sir”. Soon the slut is ready to explode, she tells him to expel his filth. He groans as she him from behind and then shoots a huge load. Paige pulls out and makes him lick it all up adding “You can probably smell my farts in that leather.” Whether it’s Kenny, the punk next door, or hubby, Paige is always in control.

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