Barefoot Academy – Trailside Foot Worship

Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly
It’s the first cool day of the year and Dacey wants to get outside and wander around the park. Dacey throws on a pair of shorts and leg warmers and runs out the door with Dexter in tow. They spend hours walking off trail through the Florida brush of a local park until they find a clearing. As they enter the clearing, tired and sweaty from walking through the woods, Dacey turns to Dexter and mentions how sweaty her feet are in her big hiking boots. Instantly she knows what’s on his mind. He wants to see just how sweaty and smelly her feet have gotten today. Dacey sits down and lifts her hiking boots up for him to kneel down and unlace them. Smelling her boots as he unties them Dexter slowly takes off each boot revealing her short pink socks soaked with sweat. He smells them and rubs them on his face after peeling them off Dacey’s feet. Dexter sniffs and worships Dacey’s feet while she giggles and tries to keep her excitement contained so no one hears them playing at the park. Dexter rolls all over the ground trying to reach every part of Dacey’s feet, getting as much of her scent all over his face as possible.


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