Beauties and Beatdowns – Raining Down Trample

Beauties and Beatdowns – Raining Down Trample

Rapture�s trampled many men with her size 9 feet and muscular 190 pound frame. Always intrigued, by how her feet can cause a body to break, Rapture wants to push her slave�s limits. She begins with some heavy barefoot trampling, focussing on her slave�s stomach. He is unable to hold her weight, and soon finds Rapture sinking deeper into his guts. Enjoying the pain he�s in, Rapture is intent on causing more. Using her step stool, she climbs 2 feet up on it, and jumps off as high as she can, onto his stomach. Each time she lands, the air is completely knocked out of her slave, and Rapture remains on his stomach, causing a lack of air that almost puts him to rest a few times.

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