Bratty Foot Girls – Brat High – No prom Date for YOU! – Lad…

Bratty Foot Girls – Brat High – No prom Date for YOU! – Lady Fyre, Jason Ninja

The latest episode of our Oriiginal series "Brat high" is here! Featuring
Beaten and dejected by the constant humiliation he’s been getting at school, Jason tries to change his thoughts to the upcoming Prom. he has no date and is sure he’ll end up dancing alone. that is till he remembers that one Goth girl in his class who always seems to be alone. Her name is Fyre and he always see’s her studying in the grass by herself. Surely she hasn’t heard of his foot humiliation from the other girls.
He approaches her and asks her if she’d consider going to the Prom dance with him. However his hope is dashed very quickly when she tells him she knows all about him and his little foot bitch ways. She tells him maybe she will go with him,provided he services her sweaty feet first as she’s been wearing her hot boots all day at class. He agrees as she slowly peels off her boots and starts wiping the dirt and sweat all over his tongue. She steps it up and starts to deep foot gag him with all of her toes till he almost upchucks. Finally when she is done he asks if she will go with him, however she laughs in his face and says she would NEVER be seen with such a stupid foot loser and starts pounding his cock and balls in under her feet before leaving him laying there utterly humiliated! Will he ever catch a break?


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