Bratty Foot Girls – Joey Lola Indica Bruja – Punishing th…

Bratty Foot Girls – Joey Lola Indica _ Bruja – Punishing the Perve 1

When Lola is hanging out watching TV, her older step-sister Indica’s boyfriend comes over to wait for her. Jason is a bit of a perve and asks what she’s up to – noticing how hot she looks. He’s always wanted to date both girls and now he decides to make his move. Lola plays long with him enticing him to strip down to his boxers anticipating sex with her before Indica gets home. However, Lola quickly shoots a text out before they are about to get into it and all of a sudden Indica and Lola’s two bff’s Joey & Bruja storm into the room! Catching Jason half naked with no where to run! He stammers that it’s not what it looks like but these 4 brats aren’t having it as Indica take him down. He awakens tied up at the feet of the 4 brats. They are not interested in hearing his begging, as they set out to completely torment him with their sweaty feet! They start rubbing their feet all over him and making him lick and gag on their salty toes while grinding his cock and balls under foot as well. They take turns making him clean their soles one at a time before all teaming up on him and making him lick all their feet at once! This is just the beginning of his torment!Starring: Indica Jane, Lola Leda, Joey White, Bruja Bunny, Jason Ninja


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