As this scene opens we find Johnny in bed crying himself to rest because the invite only fetish party of the year is tonight and he wasn’t invited. As Johnny nods off there is suddenly talking in the background, it sounds like a party, and then out of nowhere Miss Sadie appears and wakes Johnny up. The scene gets really strange as suddenly there are three other slaves on the bed and two other Dommes, Mistress Mercy and Goddess Amelia. “What the hell is going on?” Johnny asks as Amelia sits on his face. The girls start slapping the slaves cock and balls and sitting on their faces until they tell them all to masturbate.After Johnny has had his face slapped along with his cock and balls, been buried under all the girls asses, and even walked on he finally finds himself alone in the bed with just the three ladies. They kneel on the bed and tell Johnny to come and kiss their asses. He’s kisses every butt cheek and is in heaven. They tell him to get back under the covers and his eyes close briefly but then suddenly he is awake again, it’s all been a dream! “What a dream” he says adding “even my balls hurt”, but how do you explain those lipstick marks all over his face?


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