Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Taped Mouth Fart Sniffer

Goddess Amelia is really gassy so she decides to duct tape her slaves mouth shut and fart in his face so he can only breath through his nose insuring he catches every whiff of her overly ripe gas bombs. Amelia has been partying, drinking and eating spicy food and the proof is in the air as she expels fart after fart. She starts by sitting on the slaves face then lays sideways on the bed before dropping her first fart right in his face which is only inches from her butt hole. Yikes that one was wet. "You’ll have to clean my ass up after" she tells him.Included are some close ups of Amelia’s butt hole expanding and the gas escaping only inches from the slaves face. Close enough for you to see and for him to smell. After a series of farts she pulls his head right into her ass and makes him suck up all the stench. After numerous farts Amelia pulls the tape off the slaves face and again sits on his face. "I have to use the toilet" she says and by the toilet she means the slave. "Open wide" she tells him.


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Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Taped Mouth Fart Sniffer.mp4

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