Club Stiletto – He says It’s still Dirty just so he can Lic…

Club Stiletto – He says It’s still Dirty just so he can Lick it Some More

Voluptuous young Princess Mia is back and her ass is as appetizing as ever. This scene opens with her bouncing on her slaves chest. Her big ass makes the slave grunt with each landing. "Do you want me to sit on your face?" she asks him and naturally he says "Yes mistress." She faces into a forward position and kneels over him on all fours giving him an eyeful of her pussy and ass. She then brings it down on his face, first bouncing then telling him to lick it while she sits firmly on his face, arching his shoulders back to insure he gets all her weight. She tells him she left her ass dirty, she wants it propped with his tongue, and he won’t be brushing his teeth before bed. She tells him, "You will have my taste on your breath all night from your cold cage."After some deep licking she leans forward and spreads her ass cheeks. When she asks him if it’s clean he says no but she knows what he is up to, he wants to lick her ass some more. Mia looks at you and says "I know slaves want to eat, you want to eat my ass too, don’t you?" She then turns to face away from the slave and this times sits firmly because now she is going to make him fight to breathe. She wiggles her ass seductively while denying the slave air then leans back and says she wants to see how long he can hold his breath. She gives him a quick breath of air then sits back down and says "This time I’m not getting back up." Soon the slave is frantic and trashing for air yet again. There’s a price to pay when you try to trick the Mistress into sitting on your face for longer than she intended to.

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