90 KICKS AND KNEES TO THE BALLS! This scene opens with Lady Bellatrix explaining that it is testicle Tuesday at Club Stiletto but as this slave is about to find out from the Queen of Mean it could just as easily be Tears on Tuesday. Bellatrix walks over to her slave who has his arms secured above his head so they don’t get in the way of what she has in mind for his nut sack. She first takes a firm grip of them and then squeezes as hard as she can. Just as the slave is on the verge of tears she knees him in the balls twice, really giving him something to cry about. Lady Bellatrix proceeds to knee and kick the slave from both the front and back.Along with the repeated impact to his nuts Bellatrix makes sure to pull and twist on them as well and takes great delight in seeing how swollen and purple they become. She also slaps his face and spits on him too. Final count, 22 knees to the groin and 68 kicks to the balls. Once complete, Lady Bellatrix tells the slave she is going for lunch and for him to wait there. The camera pulls back and we see a 20 pound weight hanging from the slaves tender balls. Great Ballbusting clip!


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