Club Stiletto – Lady Katy – The Full Weight Experience

Lady Katy is a solid 240 pound (109 kilograms) woman and all natural. If anyone is going to be grooming body hair or wants a landing strip it’ll be her slave because she sees no need for such nonsense. When a man is licking her asshole he is working his tongue through her sweaty ass hair to a dirty ass that she has left that way just for him. In this scene she explains that today she is face sitting her slave on the grey bench because it is rock hard and unlike a mattress where the slave is just comfortably pressed into it, here he gets the full experience of her ass and weight.First she sits him in a forward position and immediately insists his tongue get deep in her asshole. She sits full weight and tests his ability to hold his breath. As he starts to kick she comments “Look at him, how silly, keep your tongue up there.” She gives him a quick breath then sits down and almost at once the slave needs air again. She bounces on his face while he gasps then she settles in again until he starts to kick frantically. “He’s always trying to put on a show, such a drama queen” Katy says with little sympathy for his predicament. She then moves into a reverse position and says he hasn’t been licking enough with his constant want to breathe. Finally she decides to lay on the bench herself and orders him to lick her asshole from behind. The slave is told to spread her ass cheeks wide and you can see her delicious hairy asshole. “Now get your tongue in there” she tells him. She looks at the camera and says “All slaves are really good for is licking dirty ass, smelling my farts and being my full toilet.” She tells him to open his mouth and she grunts, he is fulfilling his most extreme duty as her slave.


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