Club Stiletto – Miss Sadie – Johnny’s Battered Balls with Love from Sadie

We find poor slave johnny locked in the cage just as beautiful Miss Sadie walks into the room. Nice view of her body and ass right off the bat. "You must be cold" she says. No point keeping a room warm all night when there’s only a slave in it after all, plus when he starts sweating from her discipline he’ll appreciate the night of shivering. She drags him from the cage on a leash, after spitting on him first, into the upstairs hallway where she has lots of room to kick him in the balls. Once in place Miss Sadie starts to kick the slaves groin. She tells him to hold his cock out of the way so her kicks to his balls are not protected by his lifeless wiener. After several kicks she makes him kiss the sweat off her feet then back to matters at hand. Sadie gets on her knees into the slaves face and squeezes his balls telling him that slavery is his calling in life. Then back up for some more kicking. Next she lets him kiss her ass cheeks then she tells him to go down on all fours facing away from her. She takes a running kick and lands it so well that the slave falls to the floor. She not only makes him get back up but makes him beg for the next kick. He does, and again she runs to him landing another perfect kick than an NFL kicker would be proud of, easily equivalent to a 60 yard kick. Adding to pain she now tells him to kneel up and slap his own balls, lol. A few final kicks and the slave goes down again. Nice, the perfect stool. Sadie sits on him, reaches down and tries to rip his balls from his body.


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