Club Stiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy’s ‘little pony’ Hill Workout

Mistress Kandy is shoulder riding her little pony. She’s laughing because she has taken him to a steep hill right from the start. Kandy is a 140 pounds and the slave only about 160 so not much heavier. Carrying her is a challenge, period, the hills mean he has to work even harder. The trees are full of berries so she has pony stop along the way so she can get the best berries from the higher branches than not even the bears can reach. She pulls one branch off the tree to use as a flogger.
After a climb up the hill and back down all the way to the street corner the pony falls to one knee, carefully however so as not to have his Goddess fall. Kandy laughs at the pathetic slave making him crawl for a bit before she sits on his back, using him as a bench. She tells him he a few seconds to rest and then he will take her back into the woods… this time on all fours.


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