When you have a Domme, your partner is also a Domme, and they have attraction for each other, you might unexpectedly find yourself in this sexually frustrating predicament…
Lucy and I are cuddling on the bed, having some Girl time. She comes up with the idea to call the sub in but is really deceptive about it. She comments to Me that She does like being watched, especially in this case. Shes wearing his chastity keys around Her neck and orders him to strip. Lucy convinces him that hes a part of this, whatever is going to happen, and hell get his turn in time. He buys it and thinks that if hes patient hell eventually be let out of the chastity cage and is delusional enough to think that Were going to let him have some kind of traditional threesome with Us.
Lucy and I then focus on each other, getting intimate and physical. Some embracing and kissing before I go down on Her. Once satisfied, She then returns the favor. The sub tries to speak up and beg a few times and is coldly scolded and told to shut up by Lucy. His tight chastity cage twitches while hes just an ignored object beneath Us watching Us give each other orgasm after orgasm.
The clip ends with Lucy strapping Me to yet another orgasm, and then instead of being let out of chastity Lucy makes him take Her strap-on cock into his mouth and taste My pussy. Getting it second hand in such a humiliating way is the only opportunity hes given.
At this point Were satisfied and laughing as he whines about still not being let out of his extremely tight cage. His balls are actually turning blue and Lucy bursts out laughing, having no idea that they could *actually* turn that color. Poor sub.

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