Damazonia has put her rubber gimp in the cell where it is chained to the brick wall and cannot move nor escape. Just before its mouth is imprisoned in a cruel device, the devilish Domme feeds the helpless slave an erection pill: This way, she will have even more fun later when she returns to tease him while its cock is painfully straining against the chastity cage. Damazonia brush her nails in between the steel of the cage and then she use her warm lips and tongue to drive her slave crazy. it feels her mouth only slightly and its cock wants to grow hard, but there is no room. The tease is almost unbearable and Mistress Damazonia is enjoying her power so much. She is planning to do tease & denial and leave her objectified toy to be tormented, but instead, she decides to plain an evil little game: She will pull on the incredibly tight nipple clamps and if they comes unclamped, she will let the slave cum, it they don’t, she just won’t. To her happy surprise, only one of the two comes off, so she decides to let it cum but ruin its orgasm. As a reward for her slave, Damazonia harvests the big load and feeds it to the frustrated but happy gimp.


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