Divinely – Foot Slave Sucks and Fucks my Toes

Divinely – Foot Slave Sucks and Fucks my Toes

In this gentle video, Goddess Divinely is receiving a foot worship session. The video begins with her kissing her Submissive and attaching a lead to their collar. She lays back and extends her leg to offer her sub her feet. They appreciatively kiss and lick her shoes before removing them to passionately suck and lick her toes and feet. There is both a far out shot and a close up of Goddess’ feet in her sub’s mouth. Goddess moans gently all the while, enjoying the sensation of her feet being pleasured and worshipped. The video progresses to a shot of Goddess’ feet on her sub’s cock. They grind against her soles, feeling her toes rub up and down their shaft. As things heat up, they change position. The video changes to a shot of Goddess firmly gripping her toes around the sub’s cock as they eagerly fuck her toes. Her feet feel incredible and silky smooth. The camera changes to a close-up shot of the foot-fucking, ending in the sub blowing a load all over her feet and ankles. The sub then obediently massages the cum into Goddess’ perfect feet

Tags: Femdom Fetish

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