Domina Planet – Diabla – Getting My Feet Wet

Domina Planet – Diabla – Getting My Feet Wet

Gorgeous Domina Diabla has Her foot freak splayed out at Her black, patent leather, stiletto-heeled shoes, getting ready for a boot and foot cleaning session with the pig. He is only an object to Her, and Her only purpose in using him is for foot cleaning. That means he must learn to take Her entire foot down his worthless slave throat, in order to clean and comfort Her beautiful feet.
She starts off with a brief session of high heel worship, making the pig lick the shiny black patent leather uppers and deep throating the stiletto spikes of each heel. She then removes Her shoes, as the slave is chained and blindfolded, in order to memorize every scent and feel of Her perfect feet. She starts off by having the slave lick and suck each toe. She points Her riding crop at Her beautiful feet, telling him:
“These little piggies are perfect!”
Then, pointing at the slave’s caged cock says:
“And this little piggy is PATHETIC!”
And whacks him hard on the thigh with Her riding crop. He writhes in pain, but doesn’t get much of a chance for relief as She takes the opportunity to hold his head with one foot and shove the other one straight down his throat. She gets all of Her perfect little toes into his mouth and starts to push down his throat. When he tries to move away, She him to stay put with the other foot, pushing him harder back into the other foot going down his gullet. She does this to the point the slave’s jaw is splayed out and he cannot move or speak.
She then briefly moves to heel popping and then makes him beg for it, cropping him when he fails to be pathetic enough for Her cruel tastes, as She strikes him over and over again with the crop.
She keeps Her each foot down his throat relentlessly while holding him with the other; on the forehead, on the throat, on his eyes, nose, etc. She eventually tries to get both of Her perfect feet down his throat:
“Even the lowest part of Me is above you, slave. Now open wide, and see if you can get them both in there. If you can’t now, you are going to learn to whether you want to or not, pig. Now OPEN WIDE FOR MY FEET"

Femdom,Fetish,Footworship,High Heels

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