Domina Planet – Sweaty Stinky Stocking Smother

Domina Planet – Sweaty Stinky Stocking Smother

19-year-old Master Silvermist has just started training her former pervy neighbor, now slave, how to properly honor, clean and please sir sweaty, stinky stocking feet. Now, She wants to train the bitch how to properly serve and service her perfect pussy and ass, by using his face as a chair. But before The slut is allowed anywhere near her precious jewels, the slave must first learn how to put Her needs before his own, specifically, breathing. She also wants to indoctrinate him by making him smell all of Her bodily smells regardless of whether or not he wants to or enjoys them.
She worked all day in the office on a hot summer day; it was so hot she wore no panties, but she still was sweating like crazy, which the thin crotch piece on the stockings has been soaking and stewing in all day long. She has the slave in front of Her, on his knees as She makes him bow his head so She can put a pink bondage hood over his face telling him:
�You�re not a man so you don�t deserve a man�s hood. YOU get a pink sissy hood, bitch �

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