DominaPlanet – A Slave Is Better Than A Boyfriend

DominaPlanet – A Slave Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Goddess Abigail is consoling Her friend Goddess Blaize, who has just broken up with a guy that was a real toxic jerk. To help Her friend recover and become even stronger, Goddess Abigail has invited Goddess Blaize to Her dungeon, to show Her the benefits of male ownership:
"I’m telling you, instead of finding another boyfriend that will just end up hurting you again, why not get a slave? They can never leave you, cheat on you, or even say anything to you you don’t like! You can use them for ANYTHING YOU WANT, and when you get tired of one you can get a new one or collect more!"
She leads Her up to a set of dual thrones and has Her sit down in one:
"Sit down like the Queen You are while I get my bitch…SLAVE! Come here!"
The slave crawls up on all fours, wearing a pet harness and bondage mittens. He is on speech restriction and can only bark his answers, but She has the slave remove both of their shoes. She tells Goddess Blaize to put Her bare feet into the face of the slave:
"Really mash his stupid pathetic face with Your sweaty, smelly feet. Make him smell them deeply, and be sure to punish him, even just for fun. You can take out Your anger on the pig"
She extends Her feet out and pulls the slave’s leash, cramming the soles of Her feet into his face. She makes him smell them, then start to lick and suck them clean. She has him lick up and down, in between the toes and then starts making him deep throat Her feet. He starts gagging on them so Goddess Abigail has the slave lay in front of them. They star really dominating the slave with their feet, foot slapping him and gagging him with both of their feet at the same time. They make a "foot sandwich" and try to cram both as far down the yelling slave’s throat as possible.
"This is so much fun, You’re right! Why rent a boyfriend when I can own a slave, so much fun"
"You have no idea, sweaty feet are just the beginning. I’m training this one to be a toilet for me now too. He’s already my furniture and ass cleaner."
Goddess Blaize stands on the slave’s body and walks up and down, causing him to cry in agony as Her weight flattens his body and Goddess Abigail punishes him by smothering him with Her size 10 foot. Goddess Blaize turns around and sitting back down on the throne, decides to help Her seal the bitch’s airways too. The slave starts to make muffled noises to try and breathe, bucking up and down, they finally relent, but Goddess Abigail says:
"Next, I’ll have the slave worship Your ass. Sit on his stupid face, just like he’s a chair and we’ll go from there."
Goddess Blaize lowers Her perfect, thong-split ass onto his face, his nose perfectly aligned with Her ass cleft.
Continued In : An Ass Slave Is Better Than Boyfriend

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