foxyfootdom – IRINA-REBECCA-Alt School-Beatdown

foxyfootdom – IRINA-REBECCA-Alt School-Beatdown

I go for studies in the alternative school of Rebecca. We are friends and she made this school just for women, together with economic studies she teaches women how to be strong and intependent. Of course she invited me to her school and I love it! Rebecca hired an english teacher, first time in our country. Obviously, he didn’t understand what this school is and he treats bad the girls! Of course I fight with him all the time and he has enough, so he takes me to the director, Rebecca. We are going to have some fun now, I know that she listens the comments about him and she waits for the opportunity. When he pulls my ears and speak bad for me to the director, she stands up and slaps his face hard! I laugh and together we start to beat him!
MERCILESS Beatdown With Slaps, Punches And Kicks
Rebecca insults him in our language and we slap his face hard and punch his body. He is in shock, he starts to yell, but we shut him up with our hands and we keep dominating him. I see how much he afraid and I enjoy it so much! He start to beg us to stop, but we throw him on the floor and we kick him in our high heels!

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