Fucked Feet – Sarah Diavola’s Super Wrinkled Soles!

Fucked Feet – Sarah Diavola’s Super Wrinkled Soles!

I typically like to keep solo foot tease interview scenes somewhere in the four minute range. There was simply NO WAY I could do that with BRAT PRINCESS SARAH DIAVOLA! Sarah has quite a following and she has most likely the MOST WRINKLIEST SOLES I have EVER Seen. They are unreal. She has size 6 feet. We start it off with Sarah telling you all a little about herself. She then reveals she’s going to be giving you a SWEATY SOCK TEASE. This girl REALLY knows how to work an audience. Once she takes off her sneakers, she shows you her sweat soaked socks, which USED TO BE WHITE! You can actually see the sweat right through the socks. Then, Sarah slowly peels off each sock to show you how wrinkled her soft soles are! She has these dimples right at the top of her soles underneath her toes. EVEN HER TOES ARE WRINKLED! In addition, she shows me her hands – they are wrinkled, TOO! Gotta love this girl. She’s really into the scene and LOVES having her feet worshiped, which you will see soon. There’s a reason why Sarah Diavola is SO POPULAR!Sarah Diavola has spectacular feet and soles. Before I worship her bare feet, I take off her sneakers and worship her sweaty sock covered feet. The sweat goes right through her socks and they are wet. I lick her sock covered feet then remove each one. After that, I lick her still wet bare feet and lick the wrinkles on her soles and go in between each toe and such each toe, as well. She wants more foot worship, this time in the Pose Position. Really awesome close up action here where you feel like YOU are the one worshiping her feet and licking those super wrinkled soles. Brat Princess Sarah is simply incredible. One of the best!!

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