Goddess Natalie – Stuff your face for my feet

Goddess Natalie – Stuff your face for my feet

I noticed how much you loved stuffing your face silly for me a few days ago! I mean, how could you possibly say no, when my boobies were covered in chocolate and candy! I’m sure you’d eat anything off of my body, just to get the privilege to lick it!
So today, because I felt extra super generous this Xmas, I decided to let you worship my feet, as well! That’s right – the next best thing after a Goddess’ breasts are her lovely wrinkled soles!
They’ll be even more covered in sweetness than my boobs were, so you’re gonna have to work extra hard to clean those up, but I’m sure you’ll do your best and follow my instructions precisely! You wouldn’t want to disappoint the Princess, would you?

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