Jasmine Mendez – Dominating my Secretary

Custom: You are a businesswoman who has been running around doing work all day. You come back to your office dressed in a blazer with high heels and start to complain about you are exhausted.
Your female secretary Mia is there on her phone texting when she should be working.
You start to release all your inner frustrations out on her telling her she’s a cra-ppy secretary.
You finally say, "You know what bitch, I’m gonna make you massage my big achy feet with your little warm mouth!"
She looks absolutely disgusted, but you grab her by the hair and bring her over in front of your desk and put her on her back facing up while kicking off your heels exposing your sweaty, achy, big feet.
You say, "Open wide bitch" she is absolutely repulsed and disgusted so you have to shove your foot in your mouth.
The video should contain a ton of foot gagging (deep as possible please) and a lot of verbal expressions such as" I think I can feel your throat with my toes" and "Your mouth feels great on my huge feet" there should also be some foot licking towards the end too, and saying how she needs to massage your huge feet with your tongue.
Mia is absolutely disgusted throughout the video and gags many times. At the very last minute, you should command her to remove any callouses you have on your big heels with her teeth followed by her doing so whilst looking sick to her stomach and sighs of relief from you.

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