Lady Latisha Extreme Sadistic Heel Insertion Cruel Trampl…

Lady Latisha Extreme Sadistic Heel Insertion _ Cruel Trample Cock Crushing Clip 8

I’m high heels Goddess Lady Latisha, a cruel mistress. I love to crush with my stilettos high heels the cock of my slaves.

I’m wearing a black Chanel sunglasses, a black leather top with laces, a skin-tight black leather mini skirt, black silk stockings with pattern and super sexy, black snakeskin stilettos high heels, the brand "Karla Malthon".

I feel very sexy and dominant in my outfit, my slave will worship me while I’m him.

I’m on the COCKBOX and I step with one foot in the genitals of my slaves. My slave is completely Horny on me.

The penis of my slave is my doormat, I rub my shoe sole on his cock slowly back and forth. Then I Trample firmly onto the tip of his penis. It makes me much joy to step on his cock. I Trample with all my weight on his penis and enjoy the feeling to crush his cock.

I turn around and step firmly with my shoe heel to the tip of his penis. Then my shoe heel insert in his urethra. I insert my shoe heel always in and out, then I Trample with my shoe heel in his urethra. I stand with full weight with a shoe on his cock and with the other shoe heel I stand in his urethra.

My slave moans in pain and pleasure and I enjoy my dominance! But I want more, I want to see bl__d.
I press my shoe heel even harder into his urethra. Now bl__d flowing from his penis. I love to humiliate my slave in this way.

Cruel as I am, I insert my shoe heel in his bl__ding urethra and Trample further in his urethra. That gives me a lot of fun!

As a reward, I now rub my shoe sole something gentle on his bl__dy penis. My slave must have an ejaculation under my shoe soles. I enjoy that feeling of my power. I use my slave as a doormat until the cum comes.

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