Lady Scarlet – Kicks to the bundle

Lady Scarlet – Kicks to the bundle

My friend Gabriella and I are a bit perplexed by today’s slave. He is standing there in front of us, hands behind his back, dressed only in his boxers from which you can barely see a protrusion. With Gabriella we decide to try with lots of kicks in the balls and see if this way the bundle volume increases a bit… Black heels for me red for Gabriella, we start immediately with strong, well-aimed kicks: one burst fort me, one for Gabriella and then one kick each increasing the pace until we see a nice swelling accompanied by as many cries and grimaces of pain. To finish him, we move him away from the wall, place him in the center of the room and kick him from two sides, Gabriella in front while I�m behind. After a while he collapses to the ground but we do not stop and while he is on all fours we hit him again

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