Lord Goddess Maria – Release 2021 Degrading My Caged Slave

One of the best times to humiliate a slave is when its trapped in a tiny cage. In this clip, I begin by detailing some fundamental aspects of servitude to My caged slave, particularly as it relates to the type of energy and vibe My slaves must maintain in My presence. Then, I continually spit all over the idiot as it’s curled up into a ball. I also use this opportunity to dump My soda all over its dumb head. As I continue to verbally humiliate it, I remind it of the dark secret it revealed to Me about wanting to be a full toilet. The slave has never been a human toilet before and is very ashamed at having this fantasy. You better believe I used its dirty little secret to fuck with its head, reminding it that with this secret I have the power to make it do anything I want, or else I might share its nasty secret with the rest of the world. Look how it shakes and curls up into a ball when I torment it like this!

Tags: Femdom Human Animal Human Pet Humiliation Spitting

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