Lucha Girls – 1521 – Saucy Aussie and Lil Guy

Lucha Girls – 1521 – Saucy Aussie and Lil Guy

Sultry Aussie gal Simone Sherie is the newest girl on the Lucha Girls roster and she is ready to prove that she can hang and bang with the best of the talent in the fantasy wrestling world.
She dons a sexy glittery 1 piece suit, her boots and pads and is ass kicking ready for her first opponent in the LGW ring. She suddenly spots a little guy and laughingly jokes about needing a real opponent. Eli, is known for being an asskicker in the ring, but keeps his cool amid Simones insults to his size and stature.
The math begins and from the git go Simone goes on the attack, very bluntly putting Eli on the defensive. He tries to mount various comebacks but Simone is fierce and ready for any offense he attempts. She is a trained boxed, much to the surprise of Elis face and body that take the brunt force of her fast and furious fists. But sass talking Simone is nowhere near done with poor Eli and decides to apply painful body stretching submissions on the poor boy that has him screaming in pain and agony.
How much punishment can Eli take from this ass kicking Aussie babe? But Simone wants to really bring the pain and prove her prowess in the ring. This vindictive chica even grabs a folding chair and starts body and slamming it into Elis vulnerable sprawled out body. Will this be the end of Eli? Will anyone else on the roster be courageous enough to step in the ring with this amazing Aussie bred blonde beauty?

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