Master Bex – Giving him a pubic hair moustache

Master Bex – Giving him a pubic hair moustache

I drag my slave through the scrap yard and chain him to a fork lift, push him to his knees and order him to close his eyes. I pull my pants down slightly and begin cutting my pubes with a pair of scissors. I pull out a tube of superglue and smear a line of glue under the slaves nose! I begin sticking my pubes to his upper lip, giving him a moustache from my own pubic hair! While I was sticking my pubes to his lip, a workman drove past slowly in his digger, waving at me and laughing at the slave on his knees. The slave looked absolutely ridiculous wearing my pubes on his face! I trimed the moustache up with some scissors and left him there, chained to the truck to be ridiculed and mocked by everyone who walked past!
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