Mistress An Li – Stretching Games

Mistress An Li – Stretching Games

I’ve decided that you, being a bit of an uptight bitch, should probably do some more stretching. After all, if Daddy doesn’t care about your physical well-being, then who does?
So today, I have you strung up in a very compromising position. Feet and hands bound up to a suspended spreader bar…quite the stretch, and oh-so-revealing. So many things for me to stretch – your asshole, your balls, your ass cheeks – so why not do them all?
I know you have such a tight little pussyhole, but I want it nice and open for me. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, and a butt plug…pulling your balls upwards at the same time as well so you truly feel it. In fact, why not just tie your balls up to the spreader bar to get them out of the way? And to really drive in how much of a filthy whore you are, a proper spanking on your ass to get the goods red and flush for display.
You’re going to be sore tomorrow.
Features: training, bondage male, pegging/strap-on, cbt, ball pulling, suspension bondage, extreme bondage, predicament bondage, spanking, femdom,

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