Mistress An Li – Suspended Slave Seat- Part III

Mistress An Li – Suspended Slave Seat- Part III

We all know what happens to slaves that cum when they’re not supposed to cum.
They get ballbusted. Obviously. You should know me well enough to know that ballbusting is always the most likely end result. Did you think I was actually going to pleasure him without true, real consequences?
And it’s exactly what you expect. I hit, slap, punch, stomp, and stand all over his withered cock and balls, making sure he endures the CBT a slave needs to endure when he steps out of line. I punish his manhood again and again while his legs are restrained and arms are tied down so he can’t resist. I squash every last bit of pleasure out of his pathetic testicles until he’s crying and hurt.
That’s what men deserve.

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