Mistress Anna Elite – Owning His Hole

Tell me how much you want this cock…’
My owned and collared slave Tom is restrained tightly to my fucking bench. His face pressed into the harsh leather and the thick straps keeping him exactly where I want him.
It has been a short whilst since slave T has taken my huge strap-on cock, if he wants to be thoroughly filled today, I will ensure he begs for the privilege.
Dressed in a black and gold lace body and leather knee high boots, my outfit alone is enough to make my eager cock slut desperate for me. I thoroughly enjoy humiliating him over his uncontrollable excitement to take my thick, long strap-on dick and please me in such a desperate and degrading way.
Slave T knows that this is his only purpose, the only way he should ever be allowed to ‘enjoy’ sexual activities. I intent to utterly own his hole with my 10-inch cock again, further cementing his submission to me.
I slide two fingers into his waiting ass, it feels extra tight today. I can tell it is going to be a very tight fit to get my huge black cock in, but my slut will take it, he will do anything to please me. Two fingers become three as I work his little hole, getting him ready to take the deep fucking of his life. Slut T’s ass needs serious training and I intend to administer it. He is so desperate to be fucked, his whiny pleas get louder, and I finally decide it’s time to really own that ass!
I slide the tip of my thick strap-on in, working his hole slowly to start with I start to build the pace, driving more and more of my girthy cock into him, his whimpering making me want to fuck him harder. I drive my merciless cock in harder until my slut is fully impaled on my strap-on, his ass stretching around it. This is the only way he can get any sort of pleasure; his useless, pathetic cock has no right to slide into anything other than his cock cage, we both know it.
As I pound my claimed fuck hole harder, I have my slut recite “Miss Anna owns my pussy”, damn right I do! I laugh at this pathetic fuck toy of mine; he brings me so much amusement. Each thrust reiterates my ownership of him, his fuck hole now feeling thoroughly used and gaping wide open.
I have my strap-on slut look back at me while I use and spit on his fuck hole. He looks so incredibly pathetic taking every inch of my big cock.
My strap-on slut finally complains that his ass is getting sore, however I decide when we are done! I make him count down the final ten super hard thrusts, his hole is mine to destroy after all.


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