Mistress Anna Elite – Punishing My Pain Slave At The Pain P…

Mistress Anna Elite – Punishing My Pain Slave At The Pain Palace

Occasionally, when they have behaved well or impressed me, I enjoy taking my slaves to visit new and interesting torment facilities. My pain slave, S, is continually striving to impress me with his ever-building pain tolerance so this morning I have invited him to serve me at the aptly named, Pain Palace.
Slave S tends to squirm and writhe around during our punishment; after getting well acquainted with the restraint facilities, I place him into a suspended strap cage. The cage, which tightens mercilessly when suspended, should keep him firmly in place whilst I enjoy testing out the delightful array of new implements on his willing flesh.
My tight red PVC body and thigh high bondage boots match the harsh red canvas of the slave meat cage perfectly, combined with the many red and black implements the scene is perfectly set for a cruel punishment.
I begin my slaves torment with a very heavy leather flogger to his exposed chest; the strap cage proves its effectiveness at keeping my slaves� arms down so that he has no choice but to take a flogging to his most vulnerable parts. He screams in agony as the thick falls from the flogger connect with his flesh. I take full advantage of his suspended predicament and spin my slave meat around to present his back and backside for the twin tail leather whip that awaits him.
As I familiarise myself with the new implement I soon unleash on his helpless body, taking no notice of his relentless cries. I adore this whip, but we need something much harsher to satisfy my sadistic desires.
I decide upon another flogger, thick black rubber falls make up this true implement of suffering; it is simply perfect for the job at hand. Suspending my slave higher I brutally inflict severe pain all over his flesh, his skin is left raw from the relentless thrashing, and he will suffer the consequences of these delightful implements for days�

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