Mistress Euryale – Cigarette Carpet

Mistress Euryale – Cigarette Carpet

What is the other use of a human carpet? A cigarette carpet: a carpet that is able to be a pain slut, a human ashtray, and a foot rest.
Mistress Euryale trained her sub to be a perfect cigarette carpet, lying at her feet, opening his mouth and swallow the ashes when needed, and taking the pain obediently when she wants to burn his useless nipples or to smash his pathetic cock and balls.
The cigarette carpet will also have to endure some trampling, that Euryale enjoys to do with her 12cm Louboutin heels, at the right place: where the cigarette burnt.
At the end, his tongue will put out the cigarette, as his mouth fulfills its main function: portable trash bin.

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