Mistress Luna – Face sitting and boot trampled

This slave have the privilege to be used by Me as a chair. Im wearing a pair of leather leggings which accentuate My curvaceous hips and bottom, and over knee leather boots.
Even before I sat on his face, I noticed the cock of the inferior male, is as hard as the stone.
However, he must know that for him everything comes at a price!
Having My nice ass over his face, breathing My intimate scents, comes with a price for him!
He will have to take care of how and when he breathes, because I do not want to get up too often for his less important needs!
And because it excites Me to see him struggling like a worm under My ass … I decide to trample on him with my beautiful boots: Im going to jump with all the weight of My body on his skinny naked body.
And even if all of this is hard to bear for this puny man, it is clear that the unique opportunity to serve Me, aroused him so much.
So aroused, that if I applied a little more pressure with My boots on his erect penis, he would ejaculate immediately.
I wanted to this weakness in another clip and if you want to see it, you will have to buy the clip Ejaculating under My boots as well!


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Mistress Luna – Face sitting and boot trampled.mp4

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