MMA Domination – Skylar Rene – Into The Blue

MMA Domination – Skylar Rene – Into The Blue

The sexy and feared Scissor Queen, Skylar Rene, begins this steamy scene by dipping her bare feet and infamous thighs in a Jacuzzi. Spotting her prey, she methodically lures her naive victim by offering him a “relaxing massage” as she slowly wraps her thighs around his neck. Playtime quickly ends as Skylar squeezes her powerless prey into a front headscissor as she erotically strokes her quads. Enraged that her victim is not complimenting her legs, Skylar shoves his head underwater as she apathetically watches him struggle for air. His struggles are pointless as he begins to claw and desperately fight for oxygen under the powerful of Skylar’s muscular thighs. The ruthless Skylar toys with her slave as she lets him up for air only to put him in a figure four. Squeezing full , Skylar makes sure her victim has a much greater appreciation for her thighs. Wanting to have a little more fun, the relentless Skylar pushes his head under water yet again, smiling as she watches her helpless slave fight for his life. Skylar finally lets him up to breathe, only to instantly trap him into a reverse scissor with all the pressure on his throat. Trapping him in yet another vicious headscissor, Skylar sadistically him to worship the quads that are slowly choking the life out of him. Uninterested from toying with her pathetic slave, Skylar sends him to rest in a front headscissor. Still unsatisfied, she shoves his head underwater to as the Executrix Skylar Rene has claimed yet another victim with her powerful thighs. See in HD


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