Reality Girls Scissors – Marley Rocks Men 4K

Reality Girls Scissors – Marley Rocks Men 4K

Stunningly hot Maria Marley is badass enough, with her long powerful limbs to headscissor one guy here while locking the other in a rear naked choke for her pleasure and their pain. She pours the power on Thin Man in the RNC, calling him an old man, pathetic and weak. She pulls him by the hair and looks down at Charles in disdain. Thin Man talks and she echoes the many telling him "It’s so much better when you’re just gasping for air." Charles is caught in her legs. A trach choke on Thin man as Charles whimpers and loses wind. She loves hurting people and it shows. A wrist choke on Thin Man hurts him as Charles still suffers in her legs. "Something in your neck just popped," the dark-haired beauty says. His eyes go to glass as her eyes stun the camera; they are some of the prettiest eyes around — they gleam as he sounds like a tugboat rudder and his eyes widen in fear in her trach choke. She tells him she’s never heard anything like a sound he makes, then makes his windpipe pop, pointing out his veins bulging in his neck as Charles starts to scream. Another rear naked choke. She calls them pussies and taunts Thin Man about his neck hurting. She makes them take turns gasping by the power of a few muscles on either end of her long, beautiful body. She bends Thin Man’s trach in — makes Charles’ neck pop and locks on a full RNC on Thin, whose veins expand are like roadmaps. She laughs. She rests her head on Thin Man as she audibly pops Charles’ jaw in her headscissors, laughing at her superiority. She reaches back suddenly for Thin Man and puts him to rest. Again the focus on Charles in her long legs, and then again on Thin Man, who she makes unwell before dragging the huge Charles off the mat before a fit of laughter by the beautiful girl after inflicting the protracted suffering of two men.

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