Seduce Destroy – Amethyst Hammerfist – HEATWAVE

Seduce Destroy – Amethyst Hammerfist – HEATWAVE

There is a heatwave outside, down in the studio it’s stuffy and hot and this is a high-energy fight. It turns into an epic sweat fest, and one of the sexiest, competitive fights I have ever had. Our bodies slip and slide in and out of each other’s holds. There is a real and raw battle, fighting until exhaustion which makes this is an intensely sensual and aggressive fight.
I have grazes on my back from wrestling in a park for hours three days before this and this week I’ve beaten up two lawyers, a rugby player and a twenty two year old, but tonight, I get to grapple with my favourite male mixed wrestler. I love weeks like this, I’m on a high; the more I do, the more I want, just like an addiction. Bert knows I am a bit of a sadomasochist and that I love a feisty and even power exchange. We both go hard. Bert tries to make me submit several times but I do not tap easily. I never tap easily. I can take a beating; I take the discomfort and pain, and I hold on even if I can barely breathe. I am stubborn and I like pushing myself, and I like that feeling of exhaustion whist drenched in sweat, it’s so sexy. The sweat hinders me, I slip on my knees several times and I can’t always get a grip on him, it makes me frustrated and my temper flares. I admit, I resort to some catfight-like behaviour when I am losing, that long hair just begs to be grabbed when I want his head between my thighs! It’s like angry make-up sex.
The clip has an extra couple of minutes of hot mixed wrestling footage after the film.

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