Suzanna Maxwell – Over The Edge

Suzanna Maxwell – Over The Edge

After being severely beaten the night before I allow willie some gentle worship, I am dressed in a silk shirt, suspenders, stilettos and stockings and after kissing My high heel he sets to work on covering My legs in gentle kisses.
his pathetic erection is prominent and I can feel his lips shaking with each kiss. I do so love tormenting and teasing him! I instruct him to remove My shirt and unveil the silk lingerie beneath, his hands are shaking so much it takes him forever to undo one button.
I’m constantly whispering in his ear the delights I have in-store for him and he dribbles precum onto My floor in excitement. I taunt him with prospect of making him cum with one finger, how easy it would be to send him over the edge by just tickling the tip of his cock and uncomfortable his orgasm would be. his fate is sealed, using only two fingers on his rather small appendage I have him on the edge in seconds.
I hold him there in the balance for what must seem to him an eternity, suspended on the brink of pleasure and pain whilst I laugh at his frustrated predicament. Perhaps I will just leave him a shaking, dribbling mess…………………. but if I do allow him over the edge it it will most certainly be without even using My hands!!!!!


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