Footdominas – ARIEL – Learning Games – Sneakers Worship

Footdominas – ARIEL – Learning Games – Sneakers Worship

Ariel is a rich spoiled brat and sje is not interested so much in studying, even if she is highly intelligent. Her step-daddy hires a teacher with special teaching methods as the last hope, to prepare Ariel for the exams. But bratty Ariel has absolutelly no respect for this loser, she mocks his methods and make him her slave, having a lot of fun with him! Sneakers Worship After realizing that his methods are not working with Ariel, the desperate professor tells her that she must learn something, or he will have problem with her step-daddy. Ariel tells him that she wants some games and one of them is that he will lick her dirty sneakers clean! She promises that she will study after, so the poor professor starts to lick her shoes like a bitch! Ariel laughs at him and makes some photos of him at her feet. She threats him that she will send to her step-daddy, so the teacher licks with more passion!

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Boot Heel Worship CBT Humiliation – Lick The Foot Sweat Off

Boot Heel Worship CBT Humiliation – Lick The Foot Sweat Off

Lady Nisha is very arrogant and dominant! A beautiful Mistress who loves to humiliate male bitches like her slave is! She enjoys a lot if her devoted footslave is kneeling at her mercy making him to the slut of her sexy feet. Lady Nisha commands her slave to kiss her shoes before she allows him to take them off for getting her feet licked and her toes sucked. Lady Nisha observes the slaves task all the time with an arrogant facial expression. She orders him how to worship her sexy feet and of course she dominates him by fucking his mouth with her toes. Great femdom footdom worship with nice close ups inbetween.


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Mistress Gaia – Kicks Cum

Mistress Gaia – Kicks _ Cum


I am busy on the phone, chatting with my friends but, in the meantime, I want to use my slave a little. First, I make him clean the soles of my shoes and then I make him suck my heels. I have been keeping him in total chastity for many days and, since I’m in a good mood today, I will allow him to come. After ten days of chastity, if the splash of his cum will not go beyond my chair, I will insert the heel of my shoes into his micro penis. Since he’s taking too long to come, I help him by kicking him in the balls. My kicks work wonders: in a very short time a very strong spurt comes out of his little cock. Good for him, he can kavoid having his little dick tranfixed like a skewer!


Sono impegnata al telefono a chattare con le mie amiche, però nel frattempo voglio usare un po’ il mio schiavo. Gli faccio prima ripulire le suole delle mie scarpe e poi gli faccio succhiare i tacchi. È da tanti giorni che lo tengo in totale castità e, visto che mi sento buona gli concederò di poter venire. Dopo dieci giorni di castità se la sua schizzata non oltrepasserà la mia poltrona, gli infilzerò il micro pene con i tacchi delle mie scarpe. Siccome sta impiegando troppo tempo a venire, lo aiuto prendendolo a calci nelle palle. I miei calci fanno miracoli: in pochissimo tempo dal suo cazzetto fuoriesce un fortissimo getto disperma. Buon per lui che riesce così ad evitare di ritrovarsi il cazzetto infilzato come uno spiedino!

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Goddess Taylor Knight – Our Loser Shoe Cleaner

Goddess Taylor Knight – Our Loser Shoe Cleaner

Decided to show this new Subby how he was going to be treated when he came over..After walking in the mud with our heels, we told him his new job was to clean off every drop of dirt with his tongue..Then we added a couple more humiliatingly gross tasks..
No One said it would be easy serving me & Goddess Nadia!!

Femdom, Fetish, High Heels, shoeslicking

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Ezada Sinn – Leather Goddess worship – Mistress Ezada using…

Ezada Sinn – Leather Goddess worship – Mistress Ezada using Her leather slave

As you can guess from the title, this clip was shot during a session with one of My leather slaves.
This slave does not have a very submissive behavior normally, but as soon as I put on some leather he becomes the most docile slave you could ever dream of. Especially if he is dressed in leather too. His fetish for leather is so strong, that he loses his will and turns into a puppet in My hands. A puppet that I use to worship Me, his leather Goddess. I allow him to touch Me, but only the parts covered by leather, not My skin. He has to start worshiping from down below: the tip of My boots. The higher he gets from there, the more aroused he is. When he gets to kiss and lick My ass in leather pants, he is ready to do anything for Me. I allow him to hump My boot, rubbing his prick against it, like a mutt in heat, and this is all he needs. He looks just like a pathetic critter, but he doesn’t care, his fetish is stronger than his mind. I’ll see what I want to do with him now, that he is in this leather trance…


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