The Mean Girls – Lexi Chase – Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase – I Steal Your Boyfriend

We have already seen the Power of Miss Lexi’s beauty in the first 2 parts of this series. Since she turned 18 a few months ago, the most popular (and MEANEST) girl in school has turned "nerd" Betty’s stepdaddy literally into her love-struck minion. She makes BOTH the nerd girl AND her stepdaddy serve her hand & foot, doing whatever she says and give her all their money.
But Betty’s stepdaddy messed up last time. He let Miss Lexi know that Betty has been seeing this "sugardaddy" guy for a few weeks now and he gives Betty money. Well, Miss Lexi can NOT have that! Betty is fat, ugly, and a NERD! And Betty is, like, LEXI’S "property" now- so her "sugardaddy" belongs to her too! Besides, if he is giving money to ugly Betty, she knows that all he has to do is see HER one time- and he will be begging to give HER all the money he was giving to ugly nerd Betty.
Lexi orders Betty to send her "SD" to her- and Betty has no choice. The meeting is arranged. The unsuspecting sugardaddy is sent to the school thinking he is meeting Betty, but when he walks in- there is Miss Lexi! He can’t help himself…she is SO beautiful…he literally falls to his knees and crawls to her with the money he brought for Betty. He BEGS Miss Lexi to take it! She just laughs. She has this effect on ALL men. She even brags to this old man that she has all the teachers, step-parents, and neighbors serving her hand & foot and giving her all their money. people can’t help it because she is so hot. She laughs that nerds literally crawl behind her through the school, kissing the ground behind her that she walked on…
This ugly sugardaddy brought roses for Betty. Lexi makes him kneel before her and tear up the roses while she Facetimes it to Betty! She orders him to lay a pile of cash and rose pedals at her FEET just so she can step on them and film it for Betty to watch and make her cry! Lexi thinks its so funny that she is literally STEPPING on the roses and money that meant so much to Betty! They are under her FEET because they mean NOTHING to Lexi. She just wants to take them so Betty can’t have them and because she knows it will makeBetty cry on the phone. She thinks its fun to make Betty cry. She doesn’t know why, but it just feels good when she makes nerds cry.
Betty’s FORMER "sugardaddy" is now literally bowing down and kissing Miss Lexi’s FEET as she is standing on the rose pedals and pile of money he laid on the floor before her desk. Lexi continues to take pictures of it. She thinks its funny to humiliate old men too. And the funniest part? Apparently these two actually really liked each other! Its so much fun being this hot…


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