The Submission Room Wrestling – F598 – Dolly Controls

The Submission Room Wrestling – F598 – Dolly Controls

Dolly (from Hungary) is back on the London Submission mats in a competitive wrestling match against Russ. Dolly wears a camo-print outfit which really suits her athletic figure. She trains at the gym daily and has built an impressive, strong body. She is ready.
The match starts with a straightforward test of strength – armwrestling. This is a genuine armwrestle – Russ is pretty strong and puts everything into it, but only succeeds in delaying his inevitable defeat as Dolly gradually inches his arms onto the mat. Right arm first and then left arm; there is no need for a decider.
In the match that follows, Dolly uses a mix of power and skill to control Russ. There are a few times when Russ almost seems in control, but it is short-lived as Dolly dominates Russ for most of the match.
She puts Russ in a variety of submission holds, from arm-bars to headscissors (her thighs are solid muscle). Russ does fight hard to stop Dolly getting him into some submission holds but he’s constantly fighting a losing battle as Dolly is able to stay in control.
If you enjoyed her last match (F596-Destroyed-by-Dolly), you will love this match. Dolly is beautiful, strong, athletic and she is certainly more than Russ can handle.

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