Torture Time – Torment Fit For A Pervert

Torture Time – Torment Fit For A Pervert

Dacey Harlot has had enough with her younger step-sibling constantly obsessing over her best friend, Nika Venom. In order to stop her step-sibling from obsessing over Nika, Dacey decides to use her step-siblings’ ticklishness and his love for wearing tightie whities to her advantage. Nika walks in to find Dacey’s step-sibling stripped down to his underwear and Dacey already sitting on him, running her fingernails up and down his body as he uncontrollably laughs and squirms under the weight of her. Nika then joins in on all of the fun as they alternate between tickling and pulling the tightie whities deep in his ass crack as he cries out in pain, while still uncontrollably laughing from being tickled. Annoyed with her step-sibling’s voice, Dacey decides to sit on his face, in order to muffle any sounds that he may make, while they continue to tease and torment him even after his underwear has been torn.

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