Young Goddess Kim – Catch _ Release

Locked in My cage and locked in chastity – a mindless slave with no other purpose than to worship and obey My every command. I’ve left it in the cage dreaming of worshipping Me, licking My dirty boot soles, and whatever else a pathetic slave dreams about while it’s locked and caged, suffering in denial… Finally I’ve decided to check on it and let it out the cage… I allow it to beg, and although it is completely unworthy of the honour – kiss, lick and worship every inch of My divine boots. it notices where I’ve been wearing the chastity key… Attached to the zip of My boot. I tease and torment My imprisoned property beneath My boots and decide to unlock it and immediately order it to stroke. What a privilege for the stupid wanking slave, My pointy boots in its swollen tight balls as I order it to stroke faster, hump My boots like the leashed d0gg it is and lick its precum from My soles… Desperate, dripping and so close to the edge.. Only to feel My boot firmly stop it from any pleasure and helplessly squirt all its ruined cum on My boot… That’s breakfast for the slave! And back in both cages!


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