Young Goddess Kim – Dirty Feet doggy Treat

Im taking this slave bitch for a walk. Crawling behind My heavenly heels as I lead it on all fours at the end of My leash. My divine feet in these platform sandals, smooth legs and PVC dress all shining and leading it further into temptation… it doesnt deserve the dirt on My soles, but today Im feeling generous and I will allow it to sacrifice and be blessed with only the dirt on My shoes and feet as its meal for the day – so it better enjoy and savour it! Bark, beg and whimper, pathetic little bitch grovelling at My feet. Lick My powerful soles, sucking the dirt from My heels as I laugh and humiliate it.. Using that unworthy tongue to clean My shoes until I am satisfied. Then lap up water from its doggy bowl. I dangle My shoes under its nose as it begs to worship My feet. Sniffing, then licking the sweat from My sacred soles. I am so generous to bless it with more dirt to lick off My bare soles. Sucking My toes and becoming nothing but My foot worshipping bitch. I command it on its back beneath Me as I torment its pathetic doggy dick with My shoe, humping and stroking as I thoroughly wipe My divine feet over its worthless body and rag tongue until they are spotless. I rest My feet on it as I put My heels back on and attach it back to the tree where it will remain as My guarddog on its knees until I return.


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Young Goddess Kim – Dirty Feet doggy Treat.mp4

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