American Mean Girls – Princess Amber and Princess Alexandri…

American Mean Girls – Princess Amber and Princess Alexandria _ Princess Skylar – Ballbusting No Nutz

Us mean girls just love it when we get a brand new slave who volunteers his balls to be crushed by our brutal kicks! This loser in particular had wrote In to us at the manor, begging for the honor to be kicked by such HOT MEAN GIRLS! Princess Alexandria has such a sadistic side to her that many slave are unaware of until she dresses the part.
She looks so hot in latex in this clip, and her thigh high boots make the BEST slapping sound when they make contact with this losers pathetic balls! Hahaha Skylar and I decided to wear short shorts and sneakers because they make our feet SOOOOOO sweaty, and we plan on having another loser worship our feet as soon as we destroy this slaves nuts!
Kick after kick, we slowly break down this loser with our powerful legs! Sometimes when there’s so many girls kicking a single slaves balls, we get into a frenzy and can’t help but do some real damage! Every Mean Girl has their own kicking style, which can inflict pain in various ways.
By the time us girls we’re done with our fun, this loser had NO NUTZ and a BROKEN dick!!!!! HAHAHAHA Luckily we had another slave (strawberry) locked in a cage so we could continue busting some more balls! Strawberry isn’t a pain slave (AT ALL) which only makes it funnier when we mess with him hahaha. You get to watch him struggle as we drag him out of the cage for a beating LOL (SPOILER, THE MEAN GIRLS ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT!)


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