I love to see you like this: helpless, ready to receive pain for My pleasure! I will hurt you so much, I will hurt you with pleasure and guess what: you will beg Me for more! I will use the flog and after that I will use a single tail whip! The harsh sound of each strokes of My whip on your flesh, arouses Me! The more you are moaning the more I want to torment you! I will not stop soon, only after I break you and hear your begging for mercy! Despite the fact that is quite hard and painful, to receive all My heavy whip’s strokes, I know, that you will struggle to get all in order to please Me because you can hear My heavy breathing, you can see My sparkling eyes and you know, you feel, how much aroused I am by giving you pain! At the end, I’ll let you lick My precious spit from My leather gloves, to worship My boots and to smell My ass clad in leather! All of these, plus My pleasure, is the reward for being such a good boy and get all the pain for My arousal! All men in My life, must receive pain for My pleasure!


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