Ballbustin’ _ Foot Lovin’ – Testicle Stress Test

Female Justice is about to be administered to a set of helpless balls! Jolene gleefully and sadistically compresses these testicles in a ball vice and works to add weights to increases the stress that these poor balls must suffer. All said these balls take on 40 pounds! But that’s not all! Jolene using her Female Gavel of Justice, hammers these balls while compressed and supporting all the weight! Jolene means to pass judgement and ruin these balls forever! These testicles are about to be sentenced to a severe form Female Justice�.. Jolene the Valkyrie Style! In this clip: CBT, BALLBUSTING, FEMDOM, SADISTIC FEMALE, HAMMERING BALLS, TESTICLE STRESS, WEIGHTS PULLING ON BALLS, TESTICLE COMPRESSION, BALL SMASHING, MALE BONDAGE, BOUND BALLS, LEOTARD, FEMALE JUSTICE, 40 POUNDS OF WEIGHT HANGING FROM COMPRESSED TESTICLES Starring: JOLENE THE VALKYRIE & Bryan Balldacious MP4 LARGE MOBILE DEVICE

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