Brandi Mae – Vengeance Brigade – Full Version

BrandiMae (AKA ASS-TRONOMICAL ASS) and Yvette Bova (TITANIUM TITS) are warriors for the VENGEANCE BRIGADE, A FEMALE EMPOWERED ORGANIZATION, for hire for any woman who chooses to seek vengeance on an EX. This JACK-ASS in question broke up with his girlfriend via text message and she wanted retribution. The two MUSCLE BOUND dominate ladies walk in on this guy napping and reek sever havoc on him. They mock his sissy ways and pink panties; they spank and ridicule him humiliating him severely. The powerful women leash him up and BrandiMae proceeds to make him slobber on her HUGE CUNT. Yvette shoves her TITANIUM TITS in his face and suffocates him relentlessly. BrandiMae BITES and CHEWS on his cock, making him surrender his manhood completely. Yvette torments his ball-sack while BrandiMae afflicts agony on his face with her MASSIVE ASS. The ladies of the VENGEANCE BRIGADE show no mercy while on the job; they are relentless MUSCLE BITCHES set out to accomplish a mission! 
Now that the ladies have broke this EX-boyfriend, their last bit of recourse is to annihilate his ASS-HOLE with their OVER-SIZED BATON’S OF LETHAL PROPORTIONS. The MUSCLE DIVAS strap up tight and persecute his MAN pussy, digging so deep that he certainly regrets the error of his ways. BrandiMae makes him gag on her WAND while Yvette Digs in Deep. The ladies turn him on his back and FUCK him religiously ensuring he won’t be able to sit down for days, weeks even. BrandiMae makes him flip his legs over and PILE DRIVES her STEAK into his HOLE, ensuring his cherry is officially popped. This man is completely humiliated, offended and antagonized while the ladies feel retribution for their client has been had. The VENGEANCE BRIGADE take no mercy and holds nothing back; whatever they are hired to do..they do it STRONGLY AND WITH MUSCULAR VIGOR! 


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