Brat Princess 2 – Amber – Beta Boy Humiliated as Shoe Rack

I’m training in this new beta boy to be useful for me when I throw parties and stuff. In this clip, I am teaching it to be a shoe rack for all of my guests. This means it has to be able to hold A TON of shoes at once, and NOT scuff them up with its ugly teeth. Its SUPER tedious working teaching this loser to how to hold my heels the right way. It even DROPPED one of my shoes wall I was piling them into its mouth. (ew!!!!) But it will have to replace any heels that get scuff marks on it, so I’m not too worried, I just really don’t want it to embarrass me in front of my friends.
This idiot is proving to be TOTALLY useless, so I have to get creative in order to use this thing at my party. Luckily I’m not just super hot, but super smart too, and come up with the idea of using it as furniture AND a shoe rack at the same time! This ends up working out even better because I my shoes will be attached to my chair and won’t get lost.

Femdom,Fetish,High Heels,Human Furniture,Humiliation

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